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Meditation hour

Beautiful and perfectly calm music to do your morning meditation.

Playing in the early morning hours, afternoon spot, and in the evening. See schedule for play times.

Nature bats last – real and up front climate crisis talk

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Guy R. McPherson is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He is known for the idea of Near-Term Human Extinction, a term he coined about the likelihood of human extinction by 2026. Sounds scary, huh. If you have to courage to listen, we have some weekly talk from Guy.

Johnnie Lawson Nature Sounds.

Soothing and peaceful pure nature sounds only – great for relaxing, de-stressing or meditation. Currently playing 3 – 5PM, and 10PM – Midnight eastern standard time. More information on purchasing Nature Sounds here:

Corbett Report 8PM Tuesday’s eastern time.

CC Mixter Collaborative Music (alt rock, indie)

You can get more information about the Music on CC Mixter and Dig CC Mixter here :

Rocavaco from Austria explains his take below on CC Mixter

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